The ART Deadlines List
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The ART Deadlines List is a monthly newsletter (e-mail & paper versions) providing information about juried exhibitions/ competitions in numerous art mediums.Arts International                                                                           (212) 674-9744
251 Park Avenue Soutn, 5th Floor                                           (212) 674-9092 fax
New York, NY 10010-7302
RE: Artists Exploration Fund
The Artists Exploration Fund provides international travel support to individual performing artists to pursue opportunities abroad that further their artistic development.Cultural Affairs Department of the City Of Los Angeles                  (213) 620-8635
RE: The Regional Arts Grant program
The Regional Arts Grant program offers artistic project grants ranging from $1,500.00 to $10,000.00 in two categories; small nonprofit arts organizations, and artists-in-the-community.  The current application deadline is April 28, 2000.  Guidelines and application booklets available online.
The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts                     (202) 416-8024
2700 F Street, N.W.                                                                     (202) 416-8205
Washington, DC 20566
RE: The Kennedy Center Fund for New American Plays
The Kennedy Center Fund for New American Plays is seeking grant proposals from American professional non-profit theatres for its 2000 awards. Any such theatre may apply for financial support for one new play to hold its world premiere between Nov. 1, 2000, and Dec. 31, 2001.  The deadline for submissions is May 5, 2000.  The Kennedy Center Fund for New American Plays provides grants in three ways; Production Grants are awarded to theaters to underwrite specific or extraordinary expenses (relating to Creative, Actor and  Production Support),  Playwright Grantsare awarded to the winning playwright in conjunction with production support for the theater as described above (this award is in the amount of $10,000.  Each year one of these playwrights will also be chosen as the recipient of the Charlotte Woolard Award. Although no additional monetary grant accompanies this award, the title distinguishes the playwright as a promising new voice in American theater), and The Roger L. Stevens Award is a separate incentive grant in the amount of $2,500, given from time to time to a playwright whom the Artistic Advisory Committee believes has shown exceptional promise, even though the play did not win a production/playwright grant in that particular year.  All submission packages must be received in our office by Friday, May 5, 2000.Los Angeles County Arts Commission                                            (213) 974-1343
374 Hall of Administration                                                        (213) 625-1765 fax
500 W. Temple Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
The Los Angeles County Arts Commission was established in 1947 to ensure access to the arts for Los Angeles County residents; the administration of grant programs for Los Angeles County arts
organizations is an essential component of this mandate.  In 1997 the Commission voted to implement a new grant program in 1998-99 to support mid-size organizations with budgets between
$100,000 and $800,000, and to restructure the existing grant programs.New York Foundation for the Arts                                                (212) 366-6900
155 Avenue of the Americas, 14th Floor                                  (212) 366-1778 fax
New York, NY 10013-1507
The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) helps artists turn inspiration into art by giving more money and support to individual artists and arts organization than any other comparable institution in the U.S.   NYFA’s mission starts with individual artists in the visual, media, performing and literary arts. This site offers access to the most comprehensive list of opportunities for artists in the nation, opening doors to the widest range of financial, educational, technological, and institutional resources and information.Want to find out about a broad selection of award opportunities and resources across the nation? Click on NYFA Source search engine. Choose a discipline, and then narrow down your search by a variety of criteria.Public Corporation for the Arts                                                     (562) 570-1928
In 1976, the Long Beach community founded the Public Corporation for the Arts as the not-for-profit Arts Council for the Long Beach region. The PCA’s goal is to build Long Beach into the best place for “Connecting Families and Children to the Arts”. Each year the PCA raises funds from individuals, corporations, foundations, and government for its FAMILY ARTS FUND. The proceeds from this fund support almost 100 cultural organizations & over 1,000 artists and craftspeople through four programs; Grants, Design, Marketing, and Neighborhoods.  Since its beginning, the PCA’s Grants Program has awarded more than $4,000,000. The PCA Family Arts Fund is designed to provide the families of Long Beach access to outstanding arts and cultural programs.Theatre Communications Group                                                     (212) 697-5250
NEA/TCG Theatre Residency Program for Playwrights
355 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10017
The program is intended to forge new alliances and to continue long-term relationships, benefiting playwrights, host theatres, and their communities.  Twelve playwrights will be selected to receive $25,000.00 each to work in residence at a host theatre and develop new work.