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Whether you need a business card, a flyer,
a company logo or a homepage, thee Faerie Ring is ready to weave their design magic for you.
Want to buy sheet music, songbooks or guitar tabs?
Try Sheet Music Plus. They have over a quarter million titles to choose from online.
Musical Notes from Act One.
Miniature full-color sheet music covers on ready-to-write greeting cards and refrigerator magnets.
A dozen 5 x 7 cards & envelopes = $17.50
Musical Notes, c/o Act One, P. O. Box 24631, Baltimore, MD 21214
Writing Musical Theater
By Steven L. Rosenhaus and Allen Cohen
This book is a comprehensive survey of the principles and techniques that underlie the creation of musical theater by the great writers, and to some extent a “how-to” guide as well. It is based on our study (including my twelve years in Lehman Engel’s BMI Musical Theatre Workshop and one year in the ASCAP Workshop), on our professional experiences in writing, rehearsing, and performing shows, and on our years of teaching composition for musical theater to college students. We intend this to be the definitive and standard work on the subject.
A Wacky Christmess
Your host Jeff Scott presents his first CD, a collection of 13 holiday classics all goofed-up!

Imagine “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” done as a disco song, “The Little Drummer Boy” as a Polka! Previously, 30 second versions of Jeff’s parody songs have been heard on radio stations nationwide (ditributed through Premiere Radio/Cutler Comedy), and now you can own the complete songs… longer and wackier than ever!


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