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The AmericanMusicals.com site was started by Jeff Scott (a Los Angeles, CA based pianist/composer) in 1998. After working for an entertainment attourney for three years, and compiling a data base of local theaters, Jeff decided to share his collected information with his fellow musical theater creators.

“I had spent so many hours at the library researching musical competitions, creating a data-base of most of the Los Angeles theatres, collecting contact information, phone numbers, e-mails, web sites…that I finally realized there must be many creative people like myself that could use this info. And what do theatre people do the best? Collaborate…that’s what I love.”

Since first posting his website, the responce was wonderful. The site has now grown to over fourty different categories, thousands of listings (coming in world wide), and new listings are being added weekly. We average over 2000 hits per week…a lot for a little niche web site. Thank you to all our users!

We pride ourselves on keeping this site free-to-users. We charge a nominal fee of fifteen dollars for a listing (no matter how many categories someone wants to be listed in), and updating/changing information is always free too! We only post the information you want listed, and NEVER sell or trade our clients info.

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